Outcall in Prague – how does ordering a sensual massage to your home compare to receiving it directly at the salon?

Everyone seems to be busy today. Things are hectic, work is piling up – you don’t need us to tell you that. People seek out many ways to relive the pressure – and the more adventurous one try to do so by getting an erotic massage! If you wish to know how to order one as an outcall in Prague, and what’s it like compared to making a direct visit, then this might be just the article you need.

Outcall in Prague is a much more convenient choice

By ordering your massage directly to your place, you can save yourself a lot of time with little to no effort. Prague is a very crowded, touristy city, and the traffic there can be a real pain – though at least the public transport there is reliable – more on that here. Especially if you’re not a local, navigating its streets can be difficult, and you’re always risking getting stuck. Then there may be other, more personal reasons for you to avoid a direct visit, be it a fear of being seen  or a simple inconvenience in terms of time and distance. Outcall is the answer to all of these problems.

However, a direct visit can feel much more spontaneous

There are many benefits to be reaped by making a direct visit. The atmosphere of the salon may be impossible to reproduce at your own home, let alone a hotel room. Plus, most salons of this sort in Prague don’t need a prior booking – you can drop by on a whim and get your massage straight away!

If you wish to keep it discreet, choose an escort!

That’s not to say that your visit to a parlour will be on the headlines the next day, but if you have a fear of being spotted by a friend or colleague, then you can eliminate this possibility entirely by choosing an outcall. Simply book via a phone or email (some salons have an online chat as well), and provide the following information:

  •   Your name
  •   Your address
  •   The massage of your choice
  •   The therapist of your choice
  •   The time at which you wish to be visited
  •   Any extra requirements

Are you worrying that your private information will be stored and can eventually resurface? That’s not going to happen – once their massages are over, client’s information get regularly deleted.

By visiting directly, you get the chance to acquaint yourself with the staff first

Of course, you get to choose while opting for an outcall also, but you’ve got usually only the web gallery to guide you. With a direct visit, you actually get to meet the girls before your rubdown starts – and perhaps make a more informed choice based on the impression they make! Since, as we know, first impressions can really change the way we perceive someone.

But home is home, isn’t that right?

Being massaged in the environment that feels familiar is definitely a great upside for those who prefer comfort, and also to those who wouldn’t feel at ease in place they do not know. If you feel you wouldn’t enjoy your massage as much in a strange place, then an outcall is the right choice for you!

Still, a parlour can offer amenities that your home or a hotel room can’t

Let’s face it – these places are built for pleasure. Be it the decorations, comfortable massaging beds and mattresses, top-notch equipment, atmospheric lighting, shower, bar and other facilities, you’ll be entering an altogether different world. Perhaps it’s worth overcoming your nervousness after all?

What about the costs?

Arguably, a direct visit to one of the Prague parlours would be cheaper, since you do not have to pay for your therapist’s taxi. But still, you’re paying for your own transportation costs, and then there’s the time you have to spend making that journey. With these things taken into consideration, it might not be that big of a price difference after all. Depending, of course, on your location and means of transport.

So, there you have it – the pros and cons of each option. Are you ready to make your choice?

What do you think is better – an incall or outcall and why? Would you prefer to pick your masseuse based solely on her looks, or do you think a personal impression could tip the scales more? Leave a comment, we’re eager to hear your opinion!